Updated Android gdb and gdbutils

I took some time today to update both the Fennec Android gdb (aka 'jimdb') and gdbutils. Build instructions should be the same. You can also grab the pre-built Linux tarball. Note that the pre-built binaries require libpython2.7.


The updated gdb is faster when setting up remote debugging. Sometimes it can get pretty frustrating when you have to debug a lot of sessions, and you have to wait half a minute each time just to get started. This update will hopefully make it a little better. (This is not an issue if you have an intern at your disposal ;)


gdbutils is a set of Python scripts that works with Android gdb. The updated gdbutils includes the following modules:


feninit automatically sets up the debug environment. The updated version adds support for B2G (see gdbinit for details; thanks ThinkerYzu!) and various bug fixes.


tracebt is a stack unwinder that works by tracing assembly. The updated version adds a sanity check to stop unwinding before the script gets stuck somewhere and becomes depressed.


fastload is a new module that automatically pulls system libraries from the device in the background. This way you don't have to wait minutes just to download system libraries when debugging on a new device.


adblog is a new module that redirects the output of 'adb logcat' to the gdb terminal when Fennec is running. It also colorizes the logs according to the order they arrived, their priority, or the threads that generated them, like this:

adblog example

You can find additional documentation for gdbutils in the README. Feel free to ping me on IRC (jchen) or file issues on github! Thanks!

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