My name is Jim, and I am a platform engineer at Mozilla, working on Firefox for Android. I'm also working part-time on a Master's degree in Electrical Engineering at University of Cincinnati.

You can read my blog and reach me through shout@jnchen.com.

What I've been doing

I work on the mobile platform team at Mozilla. My nick is jchen on IRC, and I usually hang out in the #mobile channel. I'm :jchen on Bugzilla.

  • I work on most of the Fennec input method editor (IME) bugs, which are bugs that deal with keyboard interaction.
  • I maintain JimDB, a fork of GDB that simplifies Fennec development.
  • I also work on ANR reporting and background hang reporting.

In my spare time, being an EE major, I like to tinker with electronics and hardware. I'm a member at the Cincinnati hackerspace, Hive13. Here are some of my current and past projects,